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Weasel Coffees

Authentic Weasel & Premium Roasted Vietnamese Coffees

While Vietnam has risen to become the largest grower of Robusta coffee worldwide, its product is not well known. Many companies don’t take advantage of the rich aromas and full flavors from Vietnamese coffee beans due to temptations of mass production. Weasel Coffee is different.

Weasel Coffee uses a perfectly balanced blend of responsibly grown coffee from the best roasted coffee cherries that Vietnam has to offer. Every batch is slowly roasted, eliminating the bitter and burnt taste of modern dark roasts while highlighting the heavenly mocha flavor this authentic small farm coffee has to offer.

Brew it at home

Experiencing Vietnamese coffee culture used to require a trip across the globe. Now with Weasel Coffee, you can buy Vietnamese coffee online and complete your experience with our selection of Vietnamese coffee time supplies. Indulge in coffee time on a ceremonial level. Try our one-of-a-kind roasted coffees and authentic weasel coffees today and taste the difference.

A portion of every sale goes to elementary schools in the Dak Lak province, to help at-risk students stay in school.

We are actively seeking distributors or retailers in all countries! Send an inquiry to

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