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Mr. Phong's Private Reserve Premium Vietnamese Coffee - Medium Drip grind

Mr. Phong's Private Reserve Premium Vietnamese Coffee - Medium Drip grind

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Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve is a one-of-a-kind, Robusta blend coffee affectionately named after our production manager in Hanoi. This hand-selected blend is exclusive to Weasel Coffees. You won’t find a treat like this anywhere else.

Traditionally brewed one cup a time in a stainless steel phin, Private Reserve creates a creamy mocha taste that is perfect in the morning or after a rich dessert. Each cup begins among the rich acres of Vietnamese coffee plantations in Buon Ma Thuot. Plump coffee cherries are hand-selected to be harvested by experts and blended with a small amount of authentic weasel coffee. Then, through careful slow roasting over and open flame, the beans are transformed. This less acidic coffee lacks the burnt taste of charred coffee beans commonly found in modern American coffee and is instead rich, chocolatey, decadent and naturally sweet. One cup will stimulate your mind and soothe your soul.

With a delicious, rare, high antioxidant coffee like Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve at your fingertips, there’s no reason to go back to traditional Western coffee. Start experiencing what coffee was meant to be today. An abundance of flavors and a world of delight awaits you.

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