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The History of Weasel Coffee

The History of Weasel Coffee is a unique experience. Weasel coffee is smooth, contains very few bitter notes and features highly fragrant aromas. Its flavors range from caramel to cocoa.
If you're already indulging in weasel coffee, you likely know about its manufacturing process. But the custom of roasting and consuming weasel dropping actually dates back hundreds of years when coffee plantations were owned by French and Dutch merchants who weren't too keen on sharing their product with anyone who wasn't paying hefty prices. This included locals who were already living in the region and those who were harvesting the bounty.

But because everyone deserves a good cup of joe in the morning, one thing soon led to another and the locals eventually began to collect the intact bean droppings left behind by the palm civet - sometimes called weasel or cat. They discovered that the cherries that passed through the weasel’s digestive tract were actually even more aromatic than the beans roasted straight off the plant. They didn’t know it then, but that's because enzymes present in the gut of the weasel were breaking down the coffee cherry in ways that roasting alone could not.


civet weasel eating ripe coffee cherries

The aromas present in a weasel coffee bean after roasting are unlike any you've ever experienced. The finished beverage, called weasel coffee or ca phe chon in Vietnam, delivers a strong product that's smoother and less bitter than typical coffee.


Our weasel beans come from small farms on the eastern edge of the Dak Lak province in central Vietnam. Because weasel coffee is the product of animals, we buy this authentic product only in very small amounts in order to prevent over-production. Sourcing at the plantation ensures us - and you - pure and complete product authenticity.


weasel poop coffee in a basket ready to be sorted

Our weasel coffee is created with care each step of the way. The civet droppings are first separated and crumbled by hand, then washed and dried with warm air to avoid any fermentation.

The roasting of weasel coffee cherries is unique and features a proprietary process that ensures that each small batch of finished coffee product contains a complex flavor profile unlike any you'll find in a regular batch of coffee.

small batch of weasel coffee roasting in a traditional vietnamese style
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