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Holiday Gift Pack - Three Ground Coffees

Holiday Gift Pack - Three Ground Coffees

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Cafe Blend:
Peaberry Robusta coffee beans take center stage in this surprisingly mild blend. You won't believe this is robusta, it tastes much more like an arabica! This coffee features a strong, rich aroma, yet is light on your palate, with just enough acidity to please your inner gourmet.

Mr. Phong's Private Reserve:
Named for our production manager in Hanoi, Private Reserve is our exclusive Vietnamese coffee blend. The finest beans available from Buon Ma Thuot are selected, and then roasted an blended with a little "weasel" coffee. The result is an almost creamy, mocha-like coffee that is perfect for those that prefer a smooth and slightly sweet beverage, with a little more body and 'crema' than traditional coffee. You will love it, and so will your friends!

Rich and silky, flavourful and elegant. When you are looking for something unique, open up a bag of Masterpiece Vietnamese coffee. A great after dinner blend, finished with a little dusting of chocolate at the end of the roasting process. When you open the bag, you will know you have something special. Also a great gift idea for those hard to please coffee lovers on your list. Masterpiece Vietnamese Coffee - a symphony of flavours in every cup!
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