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Masterpiece Premium Vietnamese Coffee - Ground

Masterpiece Premium Vietnamese Coffee - Ground

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The truth is in the title. Masterpiece is Weasel Coffee’s most treasured Arabica Robusta blend, grown on small farms in the Buon Ma Thuot Province of Vietnam, combined with just the right amount of authentic weasel coffee and gently roasted to highlight the slightly sweet, complex flavor of the Vietnamese coffee bean. The result is a decadently smooth coffee with notes of butter, caramel and cacao. Masterpiece is the perfect Vietnamese coffee for iced coffee, as a dessert coffee for after-dinner sipping, or whenever your palate is calling for the finest coffee cherries Vietnam has to offer.

Each cup of Masterpiece will carry you to beautiful and serene Vietnam, where drinking coffee is a ceremonial ritual. Traditionally, this coffee is brewed in a stainless steel phin, then mixed with sweetened condensed milk, but Masterpiece is delicious however you take it.

After just one cup, we guarantee you’ll trade in your Western dark roast for this hand-selected coffee and never look back. Try a bag and see what makes Vietnamese coffee so uniquely special.  

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